¡Amigos Live!

¡Amigos Live! was a special, one-time-only event featuring a full performance of the beautiful ¡Three Amigos! film score as a massive, rock-based adaptation.

The show was conceived by Orion Czarnecki, a Pittsburgh-based musician & filmmaker, as part of his in-progress Amigo documentary -- an independent film centered around his nationwide journey to revisit the passion and comedy behind the 1986 classic.

Held at Pittsburgh's beautiful New Hazlett Theater on February 9 2013, the not-for-profit show was Orion's tribute to the late Elmer Bernstein, and featured the opening act Miguel's Mariachi Fiesta, as well as the renowned music of Latin-based Guaracha

Orion's 7-person ¡Amigos Live! band, formed for the event and featuring Czarnecki on drums and guitar, showcased an incredible night of music - as well as an opera singer and a rapper - playing for an audience of 400 people from across the country, whom had been waiting over two decades for an outlet to celebrate the iconic film.

The show
attracted the attention of nationally-syndicated radio station WDVE, as well as Pittsburgh's top cable news channel WTAE, the Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper and others.

¡Amigos Live! was selected by the acclaimed Pittsburgh Magazine as one of the city's "Top 10" events in February 2013.

After the show, Orion has resumed filming his independent documentary, an against-the-odds quest to meet his heroes and unite a fan community.

He expects to be filming throughout 2015, to build on the incredible friendships made already, document the legacy of this iconic film, and to accomplish his dream of meeting the Amigos themselves.

For more information see www.4AmigoFilms.com

Original Promotional Material:


Amigo Rock is coming to Pittsburgh, and it's going to leave quite the impression.

The New Hazlett Theater for Performing Arts, in association with 4Amigo Films, announces a rock show like none other - ¡Amigos Live!

"¡Amigos Live! is a huge step in the journey that began in early 2012 -- To celebrate my favorite film and reinterpret the soundtrack in a way that people could connect with,” said local musician/independent filmmaker Orion Czarnecki.

Orion has been filming an independent documentary chronicling the 25-year history of 80's cult-comedy ¡Three Amigos!, centered on a fan’s journey to connect with those he admires.  He's landed interviews with actors and crew from the film, and has been on a nationwide journey – from LA to Tucson to New York and back to Pittsburgh.  "I've met incredible people and witnessed heartfelt stories along the way: from the biggest Director in Mexico to some of my heroes in LA.  As a fan, you just have to think to yourself - 'How is this actually happening?'

But it has.  Apart from the film, Orion's journey has led to reinterpreting the ¡Three Amigos! score (created by legendary composer Elmer Bernstein), which has become an epiphany unto itself.

"You know, no one has done this before.  No one has taken an entire soundtrack and reinterpreted it as a huge rock ensemble in tribute.  Big guitars.  Pounding drums.  Elmer's score is incredible, and it's been overlooked for too long.  I wanted to do it right.”

The end result is a tour-de-force of dynamic playing, in-your-face metal riffs, bluesy slide-guitar ballads, salsa-infused rock and soaring guitar-god leads. 

"I've been lucky to bring together some of the most talented musicians in the area.  Our guys have done it all: Grammy nominations, an Emmy award, endless live performances… We can't wait to celebrate the original score with those in attendance.”

Unveiling the Documentary

The show will also feature Miguel's Mariachi Fiesta (three Mariachi in full regalia) and Latin-rock band Guaracha during the special, one-time event.  "These bands are the best of the best in Pittsburgh.  If you aren't already a believer in Latin music, you will be after the show. We are lucky to celebrate this night with them, together as amigos."

The New Hazlett Theater - known as the original Carnegie Music Hall - served as the perfect outlet for the venue.  "The Hazlett has been a tremendous supporter of local arts. We looked at other venues, but none could offer the amazing lighting, wrap-around seating, and gigantic 30-foot projector screen. With some actors flying in, we wanted the perfect venue to capture the magic of the night."

The goal of the show is to simply celebrate an overlooked score, and in-turn bring together the Amigo fan community.  When speaking of his indepedent documentary, Orion went to say, "This is more than a film about my love for ¡Three Amigos!, it has turned into a journey that anyone can look at and say - Here's something I love, I want to pay in tribute to it, even if right now I don't think I have it in me." 

In addition to a night of music, ¡Amigos Live! will serve as the public debut of some clips from Orion's Amigo Documentary.  "It took 25 years for this film to get the recognition it deserved.  It's a story of heart and courage.  I would invite anyone who has ever fought their own personal El Guapo to come out.  We'll be showing clips between the songs of my interviews with cast from the film, including the actual El Guapo.  Who, thankfully, won't be trying to kill us."

Rumors of a Talking Turtle are also present.

¡Three Amigos! is a property of HBO Films/Orion Pictures. 
4Amigo Films (Orion Czarnecki) is an independent production company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is not affiliated wtih HBO FIlms/Orion Pictures
Contact Orion Czarnecki @ (310) 916.9877

¡Amigos Live! is dedicated to the memory of Elmer Bernstein